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Tapis woven is one of the traditional handicraft community of Lampung in aligning its life both to its environment and the Creator of the Universe. Therefore, the emergence of this filter cloth is taken through the stages of time that leads to the perfection of weaving techniques, as well as ways to provide decoration in accordance with the development of the culture of society.
Tapis woven is a Lampung woman clothing made of sarong cloth made from cotton yarn with motive or decoration material sugi, silver thread or gold thread with embroidery system (Lampung; "Cucuk").

Thus the meaning of Lampung Tapis is the result of weaving cotton yarn with motifs, silver thread or gold thread and become typical clothing Lampung tribe. This type of weaving is usually used on the waist down shaped sarong made of cotton yarn with motifs such as natural motifs, flora and fauna embroidered with gold thread and silver thread.

Lampung tapis including traditional kerajian because the equipment used in making basic fabrics and motifs hiasnya still simple and done by pengerajin. This craft is made by women, both housewives and girls (muli) who initially to fill the spare time in order to meet the demands of customs that are considered sacred. Tapis fabric is currently produced by artisans with various decorations as commodity goods that have high economic value.

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